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MG Servicing


At Hendy, we understand how much you rely on your car - that's why our comprehensive aftersales service ensures your car is treated like it was our own. You can trust us to meet your every MG aftersales need to the highest standard.

Why have your MG serviced?

Car services may be optional, but they're very much recommended if you want to keep your vehicle healthy and well-maintained. During a service, your MG will be checked over to ensure it's performing optimally and there are no problems that could cause you a huge expense further down the line.

At Hendy, we offer a range of MG service options to ensure your vehicle's back to its best. Even a new model should be regularly serviced and as stated in the terms and conditions, your warranty could be void without keeping up with the service schedule.

How often should you service your MG?

A MG service should be carried out at least once a year. Motorists differ in how they approach this service - some have it at the same time as an MOT test, whilst others will schedule them in to be six months apart.

If you're unsure, it's best to consult your manual for the manufacturer's recommended schedule, which is likely to include:

·         How often your MG should be serviced.

·         When maintenance will be required.

·         When replaceable parts should be changed.

As well as booking your annual service with Hendy, be aware of warning symbols on your dashboard. If any of these light up, get in touch as there could be a serious issue with your MG.

Why choose Hendy for your MG service?

At Hendy, benefit from the very best servicing to a high quality standard. Our manufacturer-trained technicians have excellent experience and know these cars inside out.

Better yet, with our MG headquarters in Exeter, we're in a great location for customers in Devon. If you're looking to book your MG in for its next service, get in touch with Hendy today for competitive prices and ultimate professionalism.